• TBCC 2019 Avengers, Algorithms, and Analytics: Panel Recap

    This Panel was held on: Friday, August 2, 2019 at 9 PM – 10 PM During the Tampa Bay Comic Convention 2019, held at the Tampa Convention Center. The Panelists were: Tom Ferrara (@pancake_analytics) , Kalyn Hundley (@kehundley08), Andy Polak (@polak_andy)   I want to take a quick moment to discuss the panelists.  I love […]

  • Recipe 013: Marvel Comics Propensity Score

    How crazy would it be if I told you Howard the Duck and Old Man Logan are closer to each other in skill sets than they are to any other Marvel characters?  Or how about Thor and Dr. Octopus are lookalikes as well?  Let’s answer these questions together by wrangling some readily available data.   […]

  • Recipe: 002 Marvel Cinematic Universe Regression Model

    There’s is no argument against the Marvel Cinematic Universe being a financial success.  I’ll try to identify variables which can equate to box office success. The goal is to fit a regression model to Box Office USD for Marvel Cinematic Movie releases. *At the time of cooking Ant-man and the Wasp did not have finalized […]