• Recipe: 009 Game of Thrones Survival of the Fittest

    “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.” — Cersei Let’s bring this quote to life in what I like to call a survival tree of the fittest.  This week’s analysis will focus on the character survival in Game of thrones.  Chow down and enjoy! Winter is coming and you’d like […]

  • Recipe: 002 Marvel Cinematic Universe Regression Model

    There’s is no argument against the Marvel Cinematic Universe being a financial success.  I’ll try to identify variables which can equate to box office success. The goal is to fit a regression model to Box Office USD for Marvel Cinematic Movie releases. *At the time of cooking Ant-man and the Wasp did not have finalized […]

  • Recipe: 001 Pokémon Go K-Means Clustering Segmentation

    Here’s a treat for all the Pokémon Go players out there.  You’ll find below a recipe for a cluster analysis intended to guide you in building the most cost effective team of Pokémon. The goal of this recipe is to segment Kanto (GEN 1) Pokémon which can be found in the wild, with an emphasis […]