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About Us


For more than 5 years, Pancake Analytics has been a fixture at comic conventions, offering enjoyable and interactive data science panels covering gaming, collectibles, comics, and pop culture. Our statistical models and data-driven insights enrich the experiences of fans, collectors, and gamers alike. No statistics degree is required to appreciate our content.

Tom manages the Pancake Analytics Comic-Con, overseeing trading cards and data science offerings. With over a decade of experience in data science, he applies his expertise to comic-cons and collectible conventions, dissecting markets and extracting insights about fan preferences. His objective is to impart analytical knowledge in an enjoyable and captivating manner.


Steve oversees the gaming and comics division at Pancake Analytics, operating under the brand name “UnpackPlay.” Leveraging his industry expertise in game and narrative development, he shares his insights with comic-con participants. His primary objective is to champion gamers and introduce innovative methods for fans to elevate their overall experience.


The Pancake Analytics team is excited about the prospect of presenting their insightful panels at your upcoming convention. Kindly complete the form below and let’s delve into the world of analytics with a touch of fun.


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