Pancake Analytics is a collective of data scientists, comedians, video game enthusiasts, comic con attendees and all around nerds.

The main goal of this collective is give back to a community we love and introduce data science in a fun way (you do not have to be a stats major to follow this group).

Data science in a fun way?  How?  Let’s explain in 3 examples:

1.) Data Stories – Our lead data scientist does a write up on a fandom and puts the focus on the results and the analysis relates to the fan.  In other words… you love Pokemon, here’s how you improve your Pokemon experience.

2.) Instagram – @pancake_analytics is a source of engagement, we’re responsive, we post often, we do giveaways, and we focus on data visualizations.  It’s your one stop, quick access to everything we do!

3.) Comic Con Panels –  This is where we give back to the community we love!  Pancake Analytics hosts Data Discussion Panels.  These are unique experiences for all attendees.  Our panelists walk through an analytic approach, apply it to the topic at hand and have audience interaction (games and Q&A sessions).  All discussions are light-heart and we stress again YOU DO NOT NEED A STATS DEGREE TO JOIN THE DISCUSSION.



Tom Ferrara

Tom has over 5 years of experience working in data science. Currently, he works as a manager of decision sciences for a marketing firm, improving products and services for customers by using advanced analytics, standing up big-data analytical tools, creating and analyzing marketing campaigns, and on-boarding compelling new data sets.  He’s the founder of Pancake Analytics and loves engaging with the comic con community through blog posts, and panels.



Stephen Ferrara

Stephen is a game industry vet gone indie who has had the privilege to work with beloved IPs such as The Lord of The Rings, the Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead. Combining his experience with his passion for games he currently volunteers his time to teaching Game Design theory and best practices to students across the country. All while finishing up his next game that offers innovative combat and challenges players to examine how they view themselves and others.



Amanda Wilson

Amanda is a stand up comic and pod-caster. Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Amanda has been living in the Tampa Bay Area for 20 years. She has been podcasting for 3+ years and performing stand-up for over a year.  She’s a welcomed addition to our data science discussion and you won’t want to miss a panel she’s featured on.



Olivia Searcy

A Florida woman without the meth addiction. Olivia has been performing stand-up weekly since 2013. She is a co-founder of Pensacola’s local comedy group Back Porch Comedy and also hosts her own monthly showcase. Olivia’s nostalgic video games mostly consist of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, and Rampage.



Andrew Ferrara

Andrew is the winner of inWeeklys Best of the Coast Best Comedian (2017 AND 2018), comes from a background limited to Sonic the Hedgehog, Clayfighter, and Pokémon- but the fire of their nostalgia burns bright in his soul.

Statistically, the most award winning panelist- the data analysis puts him as a front runner in any debate.



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